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the origins of grappa

It is quite hard to believe that one of the most famous Italian beverages founded in some of the world's finest restaurants all over the globe was once known to be the Italian poor man's drink. It was only after Italy's post-war economic miracle that Grappa became a household name.

For those of you who do not know what grappa is or how it is made; grappa, derived from the Latin word 'grappapolis' meaning 'bunch of grapes', is a fragrant grape-based pomace brandy which is produced from the residues of skins, pips, and stalks that have been left after grapes have been pressed to make wine.

Exotic Materials for Exotic Masterpieces

We have all heard the saying “you get what you pay for” right?

It comes to no surprise that the car industry, more particular the supercar industry uses a tremendous amount of materials to build ultra exotic and pricey automobiles. The materials used for these mechanical works of art ranges from the most basic, cost-effective ones such as steel, plastic, rubber, glass and of course aluminum.


For most of us we can't start the day or even function properly without having agood cup of coffee in the morning. It'sthe most consumed drink in the world and we all have our own acquired taste when it comes to how we like to enjoy this fine beverage, butone thing is for sure...


Quality coffee and the appreciation for art are natural companions, whether you're an artist drinking a coffee for that extra spark to ignite your creativity, or a businessman searching for the precise hook to close your next deal; the art is all about the coffee.

engineering the ultimate coffee experience

Coffee drives the modern world - and so does the combustion engine. At Super veloce, we pay homage to these two incredible inventions with our range of one-of-a-kind coffee machines. Inspired by the world’s greatest racing and aviation engines, our designs bring power and precision to your daily coffee ritual.

Super Veloce Espresso Veloce V10 (Lamborghini Huracan)

Everyday (rain or shine) I do an energetic circuit around the lake, which takesapproximately one hour. The four-mile walk gives me time to crystalliseconcepts for future articles, books and product design. Interesting the areacalled West Lakes was formerly tidal swamp and was extensively regenerated by aprominent developer called Delfin in the 1970's.