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In Praise of CaFFeine, CoFFee and Speed!

Taking the world by storm... or should we say by caFFeine. One Cup at a time!

Latte’s, Mochachinos, Espresso’s, Cappuccinos, Macchiato, Ristretto, Lungo and the list goes on and on. Truth be told, coffee, with caffeine at its core, has been one of the earth’s most popular and widely consumed beverages for thousands of years. Coffee drinkers attest to its ability to boost energy and provide a quick mental and physical stimulus when we need it most.

But what happens when we combine two mega forces, coffee and supercars? Well, you find none other than Superveloce. These amazing espresso machines are bound to blow you away in the most astounding of ways.

Today we will take a look at two beautiful concepts designed by the Mastermind and designer behind it all, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe. We will delve a little deeper into the Espresso Veloce Nero Carbonio and the Espresso Veloce Cup Warmer, one of the newest additions to the Superveloce family.

These beautiful designs are functional works of art that seem to be something fit for a museum. They are not only eye-catching but will take your coffee experience to the complete next level. And the most amazing part is that these amazing concepts are designed to fit right into your work, home or office space!

The espresso Veloce cup warmer pays special tribute to the Formula One motor mechanics and engineers of the 90’s era. It is designed in a V8 configuration with the cylinder heads removed from the engine block to expose the cylinders with the pistons in its assembly form. It is nothing short of breath-taking. Upon closer inspection you can tell that every care was taken to ensure that no small details were left out. This design was handcrafted to perfection taking into account every angle and contour. This beautiful masterpiece is nothing short of sublime.

We then come to the show-stopper machine, the Espresso Veloce Nero Carbonio. The name in itself is as powerful as its design concept. It is precision machined from the exact same, authentic solid Aerospace grade billet Aluminium Alloy, titanium alloy and super alloys which is the same kind used in high-tech Grand Prix and Formula One engines. If that alone isn’t impressive enough, It comes in a V8, V10 and V12 configuration and is so exclusive that it was limited to 380 units worldwide!

It is no secret that these incredible artworks have taken the entire world by storm and it is no secret why. Just by taking one look at these creative designs makes you want to submerge yourself into a world of luxury and sophistication. These masterpieces take your lifestyle to an entirely new level. Why not indulge a little? Visit US today.