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‘Is there anything quite more petrolhead (in the world) for your kitchen? We certainly don’t think so.’


‘The ultimate way to get your motor revving every morning, Espresso Veloce machines are pieces of functional automotive art that pay tribute to the Grand Prix engines of the nineties.’

‘Espresso Veloce – The Most Beautifully Engineered Espresso Machine in the WORLD’

‘Perfect for the garage, racing-themed man cave, or just a standard kitchen that happens to use a Ferrari as a dinner table.’

‘Gear heads rejoice, “the most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world” is finally upon us’

‘Go From Zero To Caffeinated In No Time With a V12 Espresso Machine.’

‘a tribute to the renowned grand prix engines of the 1990s, the ‘V12′ by espresso veloce fuses fast cars and functionality, dispensing an aromatic, italian-style coffee out of one its six titanium exhaust pipes.’

‘This V-12 Engine Espresso Machine Will Get You Guzzling’

‘… we may have found the perfect coffee machine for his show: a precision engineered masterpiece crafted using materials and processes more usually seen in the skunkworks of Formula 1 teams.’

‘Like cars? Love coffee? The Espresso Veloce Machine may be for you’

‘… the look tickles the fantasy of every Formula 1 racing fan, with the oil filter shaped coffee filter, and the dispensers which resemble the spark plugs of the engine.’

‘We’ve wanted to start the year with something very cool: a coffee machine inspired by the engine of a Formula 1 car.’

‘… arguably crafts some of the world’s most beautiful espresso machines. Taking inspiration from complex Formula One engines, their pieces have become an expressive—and functional—piece of automotive art.’

‘This espresso machine, dubbed the Espresso Veloce V12, is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Only 500 of them will be made with each being crafted from magnesium, titanium and aluminium.’