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engineering the ultimate coffee experience

Coffee drives the modern world - and so does the combustion engine. At Superveloce, we pay homage to these two incredible inventions with our range of one-of-a-kind coffee machines.

Inspired by the world’s greatest racing and aviation engines, our designs bring power and precision to your daily coffee ritual.

The quality of construction and finishes you’ll experience from our range is unsurpassed in the industry, with coffee connoisseurs and business leaders choosing Superveloce time and again.

In this article, we’d like to take you on a tour of our brand and showcase our unique products, designs and manufacturing process.

Inspired by engineering greatness

The world of high-performance racing has given us some of the most iconic engines in history. From the Formula One V12 - born and bred in Italy - to the air-cooled genius of the legendary flat six engine, these feats of engineering live on in our range of masterpieces.

The same qualities that make a winning engine - precision, planning and execution to the smallest detail, and the perfect balance of power and control - are essential for success in every aspect of life.

Our bespoke coffee makers celebrate the spirit of excellence that is shared by  racing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and successful professionals alike.

Engineered to perfection

We all want to build a lasting legacy - and the Super Veloce range achieves precisely that.

Each of our limited edition masterpieces is machined in our workshop using aerospace grade materials, and inspected by hand by our engineering team. We demand the highest standards of design, quality and aesthetics - that’s why we produce everything in-house.

In an age where quality and master craftsmanship has taken a backseat to throwaway mass manufacturing, we’re not afraid to buck the trend. We design our masterpieces to work perfectly - and we build them to last.

A Superveloce coffee machine is an heirloom piece that gives character and instant uniqueness to boardrooms and designer homes around the world. Manufactured with pride in South Africa, our designs are sought after in the world’s top luxury markets, from Dubai to New York, London to Tokyo.

Turn your coffee ritual into an experience that inspires

Every day is a new opportunity for greatness. For successful people around the world, that opportunity begins with a cup of designer coffee.

Imagine starting your day with a cup of fantastic, dark roasted espresso - produced by the world’s most unique and functionally beautiful coffee machine.

The touch of a single button sparks your Superveloce masterpiece to life, brewing your coffee in seconds and delivering it with the highest pressure available in the industry to ensure the ultimate flavour and aroma experience.

While you wait for your coffee, let the striking beauty of our designs inspire you.

From the powerful symmetry, high-polish chrome and 18k gold finishes of our Aurum CT V12 to the compact elegance of our flat 6, our masterpieces appeal to a broad range of connoisseurs who have one thing in common: excellence in all things.

If you’d like to experience the ultimate coffee masterpiece, we invite you to browse our range of masterpieces today.