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Quality coffee and the appreciation for art are natural companions, whether you're an artist drinking a coffee for that extra spark to ignite your creativity, or a businessman searching for the precise hook to close your next deal; the art is all about the coffee. From a burning desire to craft, innovate and inspire came the birth of the Aviatore Veloce Turbojet. Designed to perfect a faultless cup of coffee, this meticulously handcrafted machine not only delivers supreme sensations but also optimises mechanically engineered art. Inspired and influenced by a prototype defence force jet engine, the Aviatore Turbojet is firmly composed of aviation-grade aluminium alloy, stainless steel, and aluminium bronze.

With its infinite variety and cutting-edge, postmodern design, Aviatore Veloce is more than a coffee maker. This innovative lifestyle is a brand grown from strength to strength since the very first cup of coffee served using the custom-built coffee machine, designed by Super Veloce.

Its high-end, functional and mechanical artistry incorporates high-tech materials, engineering superiority and craftsmanship whilst providing clients with bespoke masterpieces of superb quality.

The machine is fabricated from aerospace-grade 316 T1 alloy and is joined together by rivets rather than being welded. Essentially this gives the product more structural integrity and enhances its aesthetic value. The meticulously polished and curvaceous façade is manufactured to its highest possible standards and designed for absolute purists.

Designed and wired to produce the ultimate coffee and tea right down to the last drop, this aerospace inspired machine measures exactly 780 mm (L) x 332 mm (W) x 455 mm (H).

Not only is this beauty designed for those with a passion for aviation, history and luxury but also as the perfect gift for family and friends, father’s day, newlyweds, house warming's or special anniversaries. On these machines, each artwork is tailored and specially hand built for the client with the added possibility to really personalise it as a distinct emblem can be etched on the side of the turbine shell using unique techniques, for example a company logo.

By creating a gift such as this, you would definitely set standards above the rest especially if you are trying to impress an elite client or even show your appreciation to a significant mentor for all their business, loyalty and friendship along the years.

Aviatore Veloce is comprised of 300 components utilising various disciplines of engineering practice as well as the use of non-commercial coffee machine components. Elements are precisely crafted to produce ultimate results. Parts such as bearings are sourced from Germany and Italy, the filter and bearing housings - among other components - are manufactured in South Africa and Switzerland.

The motor and gearbox that drives the turbine blades on the jet has built-in slip clutches in its drive-line as a safety precaution, stopping the turbine blades immediately as there is minimal torque on the spinning shaft. It runs at a low 38rpm which prevents any damage of any item that is inserted into the induction cowl. The 28kg unit is also mounted on a sub-frame made of high-end S/S 316 TI alloy resembling an actual engine mounted in an aircraft.

Based on historical significance, the jet model is an exact quarter scale recreation of a defence force prototype that was never put into production. The project was then pushed forward using authentic aerospace compounds in its formation and prototype phase.  In essence, a real jet engine was designed to generate thrust. To create it in quarter scale and to function as a coffee and tea dispenser was challenging in terms of design and manufacture.  Furthermore these units have been thoroughly tested in a laboratory before being marketed and sold ensuring that it complies with global health and electrical safety regulations.

In principal, this is no ordinary coffee machine, allowing Aviatore Veloce to rise above the rest by its outstanding beauty to redefine art and technology in one mechanism. Knowing this, Aviatore Veloce optimises the ability to be timeless and never ending. It is a tasteful story that can be passed down as an heirloom from one generation to the next, allowing its aroma’s to travel along with it.

With a single serve, high-pressure brewing system for tea leaves or coffee grinds, this device is a lifestyle to wake up to every morning. The Aviatore Veloce can easily be placed in any desired space from a working environment to your kitchen counter, library or even in an entertainment bar area. This particular art piece is designed to accentuate any preferred region to elevate your interior décor to the next level.

If decorating your home with this piece is not your style then The Aviatore Veloce will sure set the tone on your yacht, coffee bar, holiday home or on your very own private jet. Whatever your heart desires, this machine can easily travel to your destination and explode your senses with pure luxury.

On the other hand, we also acknowledge the difficulty of brewing natural, flowing conversations amongst strangers at launch parties or any other particular event. With this machine, guests won’t be able to resist their curiosities and desire to acquire more knowledge about its origins and purpose which will easily create desired conversations and the perfect atmosphere by mingling over a delicious cup of coffee.

Seamlessly easy to use, and rather eye-catching, the design is limited to only 100 units, making it an elaborate collectable’s item. The Aviatore Veloce Turbojet is easy to manage thanks to its high-pressure brewing system which can run on 110–120, or 220–240 V mains power. Simply slide the turbine open, add the required amount of water, some freshly ground coffee or tea, close and allow your taste buds to whisk you away into the unknown.

Other benefits from this machine will arise from interested professions that will surely attract curiosities about this device which includes architects, lawyers, interior decorators, car dealerships and more. Not only will they look forward to a refreshing and revitalising cup of tea and coffee but it is also the perfect muse to generate ground-breaking ideas in the morning and a pure reminder of possibility and modernisation. It is a mirrored belief that anyone can create and craft a passion into a realistic and working mechanism.

Whether your heart beats to the rush of coffee beans grinding, the floating scents roaming in and out of your space, or you simply want to curl up on a rainy day with a warm cup of tea, this machine presents just that.

It is all about precision and consistency and finding the perfect balance between grind, temperature, and pressure. This is why technology has been such an important part of the historical development of coffee and a key to the ongoing search for the perfect shot with Aviatore Veloce.

If you love to travel, collect airplane models, or even have your very own airplane, why travel half way across the world to indulge in a good cup of coffee when it can land straight on your doorstep? Jet engine fuelled coffee, anyone?